2 Week Bunny Update

1 Geg 2019
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I will be on vacation next week and there will be no video, just reminding everyone again. Thanks for allowing me to show our process so far and how everything is going, I have gotten wonderful advice and reassurance from so many of you and I'm so so grateful to those of you normalizing this experience and giving us great things to keep working on that have helped you in the past. We have also had access to a lovely behavioralist on the phone named Bonnie that has helped with lots of our questions. We will be back in a couple of weeks and seriously thank all of you for your support while we go through these beginning stages with Bunny.
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  • Coming back and watching this over a year later is so awesome to watch

    Miranda LarkinMiranda LarkinPrieš 6 dienų
  • I am just rewatching all of Jenna videos and man I really wish I could just show her bunny in 2020. She would be so happy

    Floppy MixFloppy MixPrieš 7 dienų
  • I know this is an old video but I really have to say that I just love the way she talks. It's so satisfying.

    SarahSarahPrieš 9 dienų
  • I teared up a little when she gave you a kiss :') loe this content missin the doggies

    Nicole WilbertNicole WilbertPrieš 12 dienų
  • Stinkbutt Marblez! Poop.... That is all...

    imarowbot11imarowbot11Prieš 13 dienų
  • The first time my cat gave me a kiss I cried

    bri2utybri2utyPrieš 15 dienų
  • Y’all make me wanna be the absolute best pet mom I can possibly be. I love Jenna’s voice so much 💜

    Jordan SchaefferJordan SchaefferPrieš 16 dienų
  • Not gonna lie, every time Julian says "yeeessss" to bunny, I die lol

    Niloo WonkaNiloo WonkaPrieš 16 dienų
  • When Kermit makes backwards progress

    AlexisAlexisPrieš mėn
  • Things that make the dogs happy: Marbles - “You wanna...?” Kermit - “Good morning” Peach - the existence of food Bunny - ”YES!”

    Samantha BrooksSamantha BrooksPrieš mėn
  • please come back i love you and need you your the only reason why im somewhat happy and you saved my life alot please just come back

    Chicken WingChicken WingPrieš mėn
    • I know it’s sad to say but she will come back when she is ready

      Chxystal_moonChxystal_moonPrieš 5 dienų
  • I love that marble stood up to bunny and bunny backed down lol

    blinkcamloveblinkcamlovePrieš mėn
  • Bunny: Doing a zoom Me: Doing a cry

    CarolineCarolinePrieš mėn
  • I know that this video is old but I was rewatching them and I really just appreciate how well you accommodated her and I think you did everything absolutely perfectly and I'm so happy you could give such a good timid dog a great home.

    Elizabeth KempfElizabeth KempfPrieš mėn
  • Aw she is just the cutest thing

    Lacrosse AlbatrossLacrosse AlbatrossPrieš mėn
  • I have watched this video so many times but it still makes me tear up for some reason

    Jamie MuseJamie MusePrieš mėn
  • I absolutely love what they did with bunny! Though I don’t believe it’s fair the smalls can go on the couch and she can’t. Same with not allowing her on the bed, but the small ones can. Please don’t treat her differently because of her size 🥺. If that was the case they should’ve gotten another small dogger.

    Queen of emotionsQueen of emotionsPrieš 2 mėnesius
    • Geko oh thank you for letting me know! I thought I heard her say it was a size issue. I’m so glad now! I completely understand about the safety precautions tho!

      Queen of emotionsQueen of emotionsPrieš mėn
    • I know I'm a week late but they do allow her on the bed and couch now, since this video was a while ago. It isn't a size thing, it's a safety thing. Bunny at this time was a new dog and a new (bigger) dog in the current dog's personal space is dangerous. Like Jenna said, safety is their goal. It teaches Bunny boundaries and it allows the new dogs to have space and get used to her.

      GekoGekoPrieš mėn
  • I can’t put into words how much you are missed. In the same breath, I totally respect and support your decision to step away from LTworlds and I hope you, Julien and the doggies are doing great. 💕

    Andrea WallaceAndrea WallacePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Jenna: resource guarding, is resources. me: no shit

    Thatgamer 3220Thatgamer 3220Prieš 2 mėnesius
  • Watching this really reminds me that even if Jenna isn't on LTworlds, she's still going to be out there making the world a better place. I've decided that if Jenna does decide to make her absence permanent, I'll celebrate, because I know she'll be giving her beautiful, wonderful, loving energy and smart brain to other projects and ideas that deserve it. I know it probably sounds like Jenna's fans worship her to outsiders, but we all know she's a person with flaws, and maybe one of those flaws is that she cannot forever handle being on YT, but it'll never be not caring about other people/animals/plants/living things.

    11pm11pmPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Bunny zooms, Peachy barks, Kermit cries, Marbles.... yes.

    Lily HerbstLily HerbstPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • We adopted a greyhound 9 months ago. His name is Remington. He's a big, 80 lb boy. It took about a month for him to get comfortable to our routine. He's the greatest dog ever. I love watching Bunny. 💗 We've never put him in a crate. He used to live in one as a former racer.

    HelenaHelenaPrieš 2 mėnesius
    • My 2nd grey was a big guy, too, a gentle soul, though. I still miss him every day.

      Greyhound HomecareGreyhound HomecarePrieš mėn
  • anyone notice how jenna n bunny have similar lil marks on their face 🥺🥺

    Tara FormanTara FormanPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • 27:15 *Jenna and Julien giving Bunny undivided attention to make sure she's feels safe and okay* Kermit: I don't think so UUUUAAAAGGHHHCK.... UUUUUGGHHHHCK

    i Nvincible Entertainmenti Nvincible EntertainmentPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • I can see the veganism on you Jenna. I encourage you to do some anti vegan research and see what you find out. Too many of us are being put in the hospital because of people preaching you can absorb vitamins the same way from veg and fruit. You freaking cant.

    Her NameHer NamePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Jenna marbles is really cool but this vidio is so boring! I started watching paint dry and it was like watching a thriller movie compared to this.😅Sorry jenna

    Scarletticus EnstromScarletticus EnstromPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I know Jenna cant see my comment but. Whenever you squeak that toy my ferret runs at me full speed

    Arial ChenArial ChenPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Jenna the dogs are outside so she doesn’t have everyone starring at her Me you are filming with thousands of fans watching her Lol btw am a small LTworldsr

    Ava Gabriella and James Esposito’sAva Gabriella and James Esposito’sPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I've been having a few bad days and watching Jenna talk about bunny is helping so much. I know Jenna has made the best decision for herself right now taking a step away from LTworlds but I just miss hearing her voice so much. I love you Jenna and your doggies and your Julie. I hope you're doing well!

    Carly TCarly TPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • we love you

    Yooki KadoYooki KadoPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Jenna almost crying after she gets a kiss from Bunny is so wholesome

    Amber NightflowerAmber NightflowerPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Idk why people think they dont like bunny videos i like them

    Rachael FonvilleRachael FonvillePrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I miss you

    lcweinstocklcweinstockPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I think bunny got the zoomys at night at first because there wasnt really any noises like there is in the day time thats what i think

    miss Violetmiss VioletPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Kermits staring off into space hellla stiff lol cute

    Sarah CasasSarah CasasPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • The bunny Videos are helping me so much preparing for my rescue dog :')

    FineFinePrieš 3 mėnesius
    • @Greyhound Homecare Yes i Have her with me now 😍🙂 its not a grey tho but a mix.. Shes a handfull but she means the world to me.❤

      FineFinePrieš mėn
    • Did you get your dog yet? I always ask, I love greys :)

      Greyhound HomecareGreyhound HomecarePrieš mėn
  • Anybody know the bird call at 19:00? :))

    Camila CCamila CPrieš 3 mėnesius
    • I thought it was a door alarm tbh

      This Life Of MeThis Life Of MePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • My dog knows when I turn off my xbox it means sleepy time

    Nibba ButtNibba ButtPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • This video still gives me heart ouchies🥺 I’ve had the most devastating week and this video reminded me that good things can still come out of fear and exhaustion and anger! Hard times are temporary!! I miss you so much bunny. Sending u snoot boops

    Hannah CrouchHannah CrouchPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • this is honestly so so sweet to watch, esp now with bunny's one year update. how she's grown so far under JNJ is just heartwarming. even though I am A People and not a dog, bunny's progress really helps me have hope for my own anxiety 🥺 I love her so much

    Alyssa SaundersAlyssa SaundersPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • they are so sweet and genuine with bunny and its the cutest thing ever

    Hailey AllisonHailey AllisonPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Just like teaching prek

    Marisa NajeraMarisa NajeraPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • jenna: bunny come!! carpet cleaner: *hmm yes it seems like overgrown sack of of potatoes hath requested my existence*

    chow.x2chow.x2Prieš 4 mėnesius
  • Watching Jenna play with cermet and the rest of the squad is wholesome

    Haillie PaulHaillie PaulPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • I love the zoomies and a ADORED her play bowing. Also, the rescue game? Immaculate. Wonderful.

    Marzie YOMarzie YOPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • As much as Kermit is a nasty boi, it was really cute how excited he got when Jenna started playing Rescue with him.

    Finley HearonFinley HearonPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Just adopted a dog into the U.K. from Romania and this dog was super shut down , now I am seeing her blossom

    chellyw63chellyw63Prieš 4 mėnesius
    • Did you get a greyhound?

      Greyhound HomecareGreyhound HomecarePrieš mėn
    • @Fine thats lovely to hear, your dog looks gorgeous

      chellyw63chellyw63Prieš 3 mėnesius
    • I adopted a dog from Romania too! :)

      FineFinePrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Bunny is best girl! ZOOMIES time!

    RB LadyBRB LadyBPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • "Not into this content" Anything you do with these pooches is 'gold'. My grand kids adore these dogs and you for showcasing them all.

    tommigitommigiPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • My dog has sever anxiety and it comes to the extent that when I go near her she will run away. I’ve been working with her for years but I haven’t seen much improvement. Does anyone have an idea on what I could do? Am I doing it wrong?

    Jackie XoxJackie XoxPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Watching this a year later Jenna is such a good fur mum

    Jade YoungJade YoungPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Watching the dog videos and feeling somewhere deep inside a wrenching sense of sadness that Jenna always has to be apologetic and explain things in advance even when it's about being herself and managing her own life because of how much keyboard warriors have jaded her.

    randomhuman1999randomhuman1999Prieš 4 mėnesius
  • These videos always puts a smile on my face or it just warms my heart even both most of the time. If I don't have trust in someone yet giving me boundaries and respecting them is a good step along with giving me my relax time and not pushing me into something I don't want is a greater step as well and letting me come closer at my own times. Especially if I lost trust with them for doing wrong with me. You are doing the right steps and I love seeing the progress cause I can feel for bunny. You guys are great and I will never regret subscribing and turning on notifications ☺️♥️

    the.corner.be. likethe.corner.be. likePrieš 4 mėnesius
  • I love you so much 💕

    Monica MirandaMonica MirandaPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • *oh but this works*

    DetectiveDuck3DDetectiveDuck3DPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • I know this is late but if you want to try to prevent resource guarding after she has it you interact with it showing that it is not hers to guard this is just my experience and opinion

    Callie VallortCallie VallortPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • i cant stop imagineing marbles beating up bunny in a fight

    Sasha MenshSasha MenshPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Good job with bunny!! But them birds chirping at night lol. They were louder than y'all

    Erin LozadaErin LozadaPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • My husky is a rescue and she has a spot on the couch and the chairs we have in the living room and when someone is in her spots she acts like she has to go outside so a person will move and she takes there spot. She loves to do this to me and my mom due to use being the main care takers of the animlas.

    SerenitySerenityPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • I know they've had her for a while now but this honestly made me so emotional and happy. Getting to watch her become more and more comfortable with them is so heartwarming. Plus J&J are INCREDIBLE with her. Their love and patience is unreal.

    rachelkrachelkPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • ❤️ Kermit

    Carolyn DobsonCarolyn DobsonPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Take a shot every time Jenna said yes

    Ami RAmi RPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • I must say I do be taking ur advise and train my dogs like your trained bunny and peash

    Holly McGuiganHolly McGuiganPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Coming back and watching this after seeing all the progress bunny has made is so amazing to see! You guys really did such an awesome job with her! She’s so lucky to have you both as her parents!!! Love you guys and the pups!!!

    Devin SadlerDevin SadlerPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • We just recued a rottie and this video helped me more than anything. He was dragged behind a car and has never lived in a house .. So far he likes cuddling the fridge. And hates our neighbors dog..

    Katie vlogsKatie vlogsPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • 22:40 jenna, that is so cute

    LilyLilyPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • She’s a totally different dog now. Amazing

    Emily FordEmily FordPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • “Welcome to week 2 of no self care” Welcome to week 8. Your hair has become a large mat, and your breath smells like rotting unions. (Video game intro style. This is not meant to be offending and is not directed at anyone.)

    • Atlas •• Atlas •Prieš 5 mėnesių
  • I’ve watched this video a million times and have just noticed Jenna is wearing a Calgary sweatshirt. YYC!

    Lauren MieszkalskiLauren MieszkalskiPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • when bunny is confident she has so much doggie swagger, it's so fuckin cute.

    Kathleen McCauleyKathleen McCauleyPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • These vidoes are making me really appreciate my cat more and more. I love him. He’s so special. Bunny is so special.

    pinkfluffylion Leahpinkfluffylion LeahPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • One year later😌

    Roxy HarrellRoxy HarrellPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • why am i literally crying

    Potato_Face1221Potato_Face1221Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • 90% of this video is just yESSSSSS

    バブSilviaバブSilviaPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Love the way Julien says YES :D

    Or SomethingOr SomethingPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Chicken body... Chicken body.

    wypdblue 1wypdblue 1Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • Who's back here after the year update to truly appreciate how incredible Bunny's evolution has been?

    phippificationphippificationPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I may not have a dog but I understand exactly what you went through when trying to help Bunny adapt to a normal life. I adopted a stray cat a few years ago, and to watch her learn to trust us and see how much she has accepted her new life has been shocking! It took 6 years but now she finally trusts me enough to sleep next to me, enjoys baths (crazy weird for a cat I know), and has been slowly learning to live with her older brother who is a super playful big ole tomcat whom I’ve had for 12 years. To see these wonderful creatures live and learn to grow is so beautiful I don’t even know how to describe it. This little kitty has been super vocal and sassy, but myself I have learned not to punish her for telling him to stay back by growling or hissing, she knows her personal space and I can respect that she is protecting it!!

    Amy WatsonAmy WatsonPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Kermit is totally me as a dog...

    Laurie-Anne GagnonLaurie-Anne GagnonPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I cannot wait till you have a child because I will be using your videos and updates as a guide to raise my own children lmao

    Bella ParrisBella ParrisPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I know you probably wont see this but I watch bunny's growth progress with you all the time because it is so amazing Honestly you are so inspiring in your observations and understanding of both human and animal thought processes is astounding.

    Happiest HatterHappiest HatterPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Hello! I made a bunny transformation video! If you have some time, check it out😊😊

    DanielDanielPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • To anyone with a dog like Bunny or any dog they're raising, it's hard, tough, an amazing process like Jenna says and more! I know how much a difference it can make to have someone help you a long the way! And so I've created a free support group on Facebook you're all invited to join where you can leave questions, comments and concerns regarding dog training and I'll be sure to get back to you, for free!!! 😊facebook.com/groups/carlosfreedogtrainingcommunity/

    Pawblems Made EasyPawblems Made EasyPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Why do they have to be so quiet outside?

    Tonia KumynskaTonia KumynskaPrieš 6 mėnesių
    • Neighborhood, its rude to be loud when it's time to sleep

      This Life Of MeThis Life Of MePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Who rewatched this after the year update? Yes! has gone so far T__T

    mikekun15mikekun15Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • Seeing the difference in Bunny's body mass from this video to her one year anniversary video is great. You don't see her spine or her ribs as much. I just love these guys for how well they've done for her.

    Heather's VanityHeather's VanityPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • If bunny was inside being used for blood makes me cry all she wanted to do was lay out side and not wanna be inside and do nothing but lay in the sun and sleep😰😰😰😥😥😥😥🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Taylor LindseyTaylor LindseyPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Anyone else tear up when Bunny stopped resource guarding and let Jenna grab the toy? No, just me? K... cool.

    Sev ShanelleSev ShanellePrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Bunny has come so far in a year 🥺

    MaddieFossettMaddieFossettPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • i swear she thinks "bunny come" is the order/command and she really believes "yes" is her name.

    issa zornissa zornPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • hi, i'm late but having a rescue can be REALLY hard at first. also, sorry for the long comment! i've had my rescue for ages now but she was with a rescue center for awhile before we got her, so the initial scared of everything, resource guarding, and overall timidness wasn't as bad. even then, she was scared of everything. cigarette smoke, pulling out the pots in the kitchen, moving your hand too quick around her, water, etc. some of these things STILL scare her. it broke and still breaks my heart to see such a sweet baby be so scared of so much and the fact that anyone hurt her still hurts me so much. but, because we world with her and gave her a loving environment she did so, so well and handles stuff a LOT better after all these years! she's still pretty timid but so sweet. a lot of times, with abused rescues, it's hard to let them be nice to you because they have zero obligation to do so after being so hurt. i felt your pain and i still feel your pain, and seeing bunny's progress has been like seeing my baby's all over again and that brings back so many fond memories. you want the best for them and when things don't completely work out, you get frustrated. but seeing the dog grow is the best thing ever. having a new best friend is worth all of the struggle. it's an amazing thing, honestly. love you jenna.

    grace the ratgrace the ratPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • okay but when bunny was about to go to bed and julien asked Jenna is she wanted to kiss bunny goodnight

    Cailyn ThomasCailyn ThomasPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • It really is SO rewarding when you see your (rescue) dog wag her/his tail for the first time.

    inkadinkadoodleinkadinkadoodlePrieš 6 mėnesių
  • WHY ARE YOU ON VACATION DURING AN OUTBREAK oh wait this is an old video... damn you tyoutube stop recomending me old videos ah who am i kidding, i'm gonna watch it again

    FloraFloraPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • her eyes are the most gorgeous honey brown ever 🥺

    Sarah ZimmermanSarah ZimmermanPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I’m so happy to see the progress and that Jenna is being safe with training by not bending directly in front of her, which would make her vulnerable.

    sara-anne Ahmedsara-anne AhmedPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Are you guys Behavioral Analyst?

    Unshakeable PeaceUnshakeable PeacePrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Jena's eyebrows are so distractiiiing hahahha

    Roraima ColinaRoraima ColinaPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Seeing her in videos now compared to these she looks south healthier and you can see how much she’s flourished with all of the love and support you’ve given her

    charlottte kellercharlottte kellerPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Bunny's zoomies also being the chance for Julien's Aries energy to erupt

    MariahMariahPrieš 6 mėnesių