Making An Advent Calendar For My Dogs

5 Grd 2019
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Here's Nicol Concilio's video of her *beautifullllllllll* advent calendar for her very good doggos
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  • That santa claus looks like Ice King tried his best to become santa claus

    S.LinnemannS.LinnemannPrieš 18 val
  • AbSolUtelY.....nooooooothingggggggg

    ha nsha nsPrieš dieną
  • I bet the dogs would be happy to find an entire rotisserie chicken in the calendar

    EmilyCanSortaDraw :3EmilyCanSortaDraw :3Prieš 5 dienų

    Come BackCome BackPrieš 5 dienų
  • Thai brings back so many memories!! As a kid I had an calendar every Christmas and I’d give my dogs a treat for everyday

    Jena OstertagJena OstertagPrieš 6 dienų
  • I love when she said nothing says Christmas more then going to the err because my grandmother died on Christmas day at the err :,) yeah im fine

    laito sakamakilaito sakamakiPrieš 6 dienų
  • I miss jenna

    Keeping up with KendylKeeping up with KendylPrieš 6 dienų
  • Jenna is the elementary school teacher who does the craft and Julien is the 4 year old who also does the craft

    Spoons McGee JrSpoons McGee JrPrieš 6 dienų
  • So as someone who's deathly afraid of Santa...that's kinda exactly how I see Santa but with spider legs

    Serenity WaterfallSerenity WaterfallPrieš 9 dienų
  • I've seen this video over 12 times and I just noticed that at the end of the video JuLeN has the Kermit sticker on his shirt.....

    Isabelle JeffersIsabelle JeffersPrieš 10 dienų
  • jenna where can i find a julien thx asking for myself

    Malaikah ShahidMalaikah ShahidPrieš 11 dienų
  • “You ever played Bloody Knuckles with yourself?”

    Rebecca BrooksRebecca BrooksPrieš 13 dienų
  • jenna: "do you want one because we could get one for a person?" julien: *sneezes in jewish*

    Bryn EvansBryn EvansPrieš 13 dienų
  • Kermit sitting center frame and screaming is sending me into orbit

    Kiwi KoopaKiwi KoopaPrieš 14 dienų
  • lmao

    ash Sash SPrieš 14 dienų
  • I miss her so much 😢😭😭

    A_queen_that_slaysA_queen_that_slaysPrieš 16 dienų
  • Why does that look so much like Colleen Ballingers house?

    T JoffeT JoffePrieš 16 dienų
  • What kind of dogs do you have? (Yes I know this is a stupid question,sorry)

    Becky BurkheadBecky BurkheadPrieš 17 dienų
    • she has a greyhound, 2 italian greyhounds, and a chihuahua

      yee hawyee hawPrieš 13 dienų
  • That looks very nice and bauttyfull

    Anne RorisonAnne RorisonPrieš 17 dienų

    cherrysoda97cherrysoda97Prieš 18 dienų
  • I'm so glad they found each other, they're so perfect together

    SwSwPrieš 18 dienų
  • fuck i miss herr

    kristal buckleykristal buckleyPrieš 21 dieną
  • This is my favorite video.

    Kat HothKat HothPrieš 21 dieną
  • Now one likes the Santa everyone loves the Santa

    Adelyne DennisAdelyne DennisPrieš 22 dienas
  • But does she brush her teth in shower or no

    Megan MichaelsMegan MichaelsPrieš 23 dienas

    uh yehuh yehPrieš 25 dienų
  • When they say MOMA do they mean museum of modern art?

    Lucy B.Lucy B.Prieš 26 dienų
    • I'm pretty sure

      A CA CPrieš 24 dienas
  • honestly the way Julien talks is a perfect representation of my ADHD

    saylorsaylorPrieš mėn
  • Here binging on Jenna vids because I miss the weekly upload. I hope she’s doing well x

    thursdaysgirl20thursdaysgirl20Prieš mėn
  • *NO BABE HAVE YOU TRIED* I lost it

    M&P MedranoM&P MedranoPrieš mėn
  • rainy day red. band name called it

    Riley TavernitRiley TavernitPrieš mėn
  • 7:31 😆 now I know where the meme came from 😆

    Normal Cats Inc.Normal Cats Inc.Prieš mėn
  • Jenna owns 4 animals including Julian

    Super scoutSuper scoutPrieš mėn
  • juliens letters look so good

    김amaris김amarisPrieš mėn
  • I miss you Jenna :(

    WulfyGalWulfyGalPrieš mėn
  • Is no one gonna talk about "Mookbahng,"?

    Xkalbr of the MCXkalbr of the MCPrieš mėn
  • “I’m doing mine in hyroglyphics”

    Allera RobertsAllera RobertsPrieš mėn
  • JENNA WE NEED YOU TO COME BACK!! Stop punishing us uugghhhhhhh!!!

    Karrie VogelKarrie VogelPrieš mėn
  • I’m still waiting for the day when Peach pays all her debts

    Lila DupuisLila DupuisPrieš mėn
  • I miss Jenna 😢

    amanda dooramanda doorPrieš mėn
  • If she’s really quit LTworlds I’ve give up on this shitty world she’s honestly the only person and channel that’s ever been pure and personal. I’ve grew up watching her I genuinely feel for Jenna like a family member. This world is so dark it’s rare to find something something that is simply for a good time. Ughhh fuck 2020

    Suzanna WSuzanna WPrieš mėn
  • I miss you Jenna love you hope you’re doing great and healthy xxxxxx

    Suzanna WSuzanna WPrieš mėn
  • I miss Jenna and it’s wonderful to see these videos of them together. Wherever you’re doing Jenna, I hope you’re having a great life❤️

    Fiona MorrisFiona MorrisPrieš mėn
  • i’m in a jenna and julien hole

    Tippy bowserTippy bowserPrieš mėn
  • Jenna is not a beauty guru, But kermit is!

  • "ask them!" "hey them" hello i am a them and jenna is a beauty guru thank you for your time

    KirstenKirstenPrieš mėn
  • I’m sad, but even though she left LTworlds I still come back to her channel because it makes me so happy

    victroia morenovictroia morenoPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • This is the most authentic representation of Aries vs. Virgo ever 😂

    Ryann CarterRyann CarterPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • jenna: *makes a nice christmas tree* julien: *makes an actual traffic cone*

    Julia DeanJulia DeanPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Thank you LTworlds gods for keeping Jenna videos in my recommended sat all times cause this is the energy I needed today in August 2020.

    Heather CunninghamHeather CunninghamPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • what’s the thing on the very right at 11:45 ?

    a.a.Prieš 2 mėnesius
  • Julien looks so genuinely concerned when he asks "no feet jokes?" it scares me

    Coni SolcáConi SolcáPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • oh no. julien is wearing kylie merch...

    a.a.Prieš 2 mėnesius
  • *she’ll never get her money,seriously*

    AnonymousAnonymousPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Jenna’s is perfect and juliens wins for creativity. I’m both of you depending on the day 😂 the Aquarius fights with the Virgo in me!

    Spiritual EmpressSpiritual EmpressPrieš 2 mėnesius

    Dexter JacksonDexter JacksonPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • I miss her 😞

    Juliana MarieJuliana MariePrieš 2 mėnesius

    th0t 101th0t 101Prieš 2 mėnesius
  • I know she's offline, but I still really want to see her performing the nutcracker with her dogs. Like Kermit as the rat, marbles as the nutcracker because everyone thinks he's dead but he isn't, bunny as Clara/Marie because I can't think of a better character for bunny, and peach as all of the food.

    Sophia TillemSophia TillemPrieš 2 mėnesius
    • @Sophia Tillem ok no problem

      Taylor HouserTaylor HouserPrieš 2 mėnesius
    • Taylor Houser thanks!! Apparently in some versions her name is Marie also

      Sophia TillemSophia TillemPrieš 2 mėnesius
    • i think the girl from the nutcracker is named clara

      Taylor HouserTaylor HouserPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • just.............everyone enjoying themselves. bunny playing.........just everyone content and happy.......................and cermet fucking crying

    Katherine MearaKatherine MearaPrieš 2 mėnesius

    that moxxie brothat moxxie broPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • miss you jenna, hope you're doing well! ❤

    Lilly MacRaeLilly MacRaePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • "Moma-K-bang" Julian 2019

    Lexi DLexi DPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • we had two advent calenders but they didn't have chocolate or anything in them. we just took out little versions of toys and hung one up each day till Christmas. one of them was handsewn by my Abuela, little felt toys and all.

    Art LokitaArt LokitaPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • 🤩

    Кристина ВалоКристина ВалоPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • 🤩

    Кристина ВалоКристина ВалоPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • I just realized that Jenna was painting those little drawers red while they were still on the freshly white painted tree. That EXUDES Aries energy

    Nick CooperNick CooperPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • is it me who notices that julien is wearing a kylie jenner rise and shine sweatshirt??

    shrekshrekPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • "The boys tree, the girls tree." "The ones with no teeth, the ones with teeth." Same thing, beech, just different shapes

    Marlie SmithMarlie SmithPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Someone should make a complation of Jenna being spiritualy connected with people

    MistermuffinMistermuffinPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Jenna: “what’s with the ring in the back?” Julian: “the back needs to be appreciated too!” LOL!! 😂

    Emily ZhouEmily ZhouPrieš 3 mėnesius

    ryleeryleePrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Just trying to imagine all the crazy Julien shtick that doesn't make it to the final cut

    FubieFubiePrieš 3 mėnesius
  • No one: Julien: “Have you ever tried brushing your teeth in the shower?” 😂😂😂

    cry_bxbycry_bxbyPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Did anyone realize how julien placed his numbers? They are left to right

    ana gomezenoana gomezenoPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • The fact that Julien is rocking rocking the rise and shine merch👌✨❤

    Lucifer The GoddessLucifer The GoddessPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Every time I watch this (which is at least once a day, let's be honest), it deeply increases my want to make advent calendars for my dogs this year

    Courtney ElsberryCourtney ElsberryPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Some Christmas vibes in a pandemic 🥰🌟🎉💫

    Ruby LynnRuby LynnPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • 6:02 - 6:04 LMAO Jenna's reaction.

    Sean AriesSean AriesPrieš 3 mėnesius
    • She's so used to it lol

      Jee ChanJee ChanPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • the thing about pepperoni meaning peppers in Italian is true!! Everytime I try to order pizza outside of Italy I am soo confused ahah

    AriAriPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Jenna, please save КамедиСтор

    Паучок АртемийПаучок АртемийPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Jenna and Julien doing arts and crafts and making each other laugh warms my heart. I love you both so much. Hope you're doing well. Be well ❤

    Mayara T.Mayara T.Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • A lovely video of a mother and a son doing Christmas crafts

    Begone ThotsBegone ThotsPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • This video is filled with Julien gems 🤣 I love it 💕

    yairondonyairondonPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Juliens pallet is great. My favorite color orange!

    Sahil NandaSahil NandaPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • this little piggy logged on to patreon 😂

    YANAYANAPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I'm aware of the date, presently. I just came across this video & I love it!! 🤣 + 🐶 + 😎 + 💯 + ❤

    Sean AriesSean AriesPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • "Peach been takin' money from me! She owes me money." Lol!! LOVE YOUR CHANNEL, JENNA & DON'T GIVE UP EITHER, HONEY 🤗

    Sean AriesSean AriesPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • 3:40 swallows anger

    Autumn MaddoxAutumn MaddoxPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I have watched his video at LEAST 10 times and I just realized Jenna was painting the boxes BRIGHT RED while they were still in the WHITE tree and it honestly made me more anxious than anything Julien did the whole time he was painting and decorating

    CjCjPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • binge watching jenna marbles because i miss her already :(((( 🥺

    Jasmine MichelleJasmine MichellePrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Anyone else rewatching all of Jenna’s videos to emotionally cope w her stepping back from YT?

    Brianne ScottBrianne ScottPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • They keep calling us 'them' so think about how funny it would be if we were called burt

    Jaclynn BreadJaclynn BreadPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Bruh the numbers on his tree are messed up and not in order too 😂😂 you can see it perfectly at 8:37 where the numbers are in the right row but not in the right order LMAO

    Aerin RossiterAerin RossiterPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I was shoveling potato chips into my mouth and then: (´◕ ᵔ ◕`✿)*ᶜʳᶦᵉˢ*

    GFROGFROPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • It is an Aries Santa, don’t judge Julien.

    Mountain goats Are coolMountain goats Are coolPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • im gonna miss her so fucking much but i just want her to be happy and if that means she leaves yt then im okay

    AndreaAndreaPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Julien and Bunny's is the definition of "goals"! Bunny, listens to him and is so damn sweet to his daddy! Jenna is also great with Bunny obviously, but its so cute seeing Bunny and Dad together

    Elizabeth JohannessenElizabeth JohannessenPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • day 1 of rewatching Jenna's videos while she is on break

    山田沙也香山田沙也香Prieš 4 mėnesius
  • Everyone who’s here because jenna quit and all u can do is rewatch every single old video to keep urself from spiraling and having an emotional break down cus they feel like they lost their best friend raise yo fucking hand beech🙋🏽‍♀️

    annanotsatanannanotsatanPrieš 4 mėnesius