Mr. Marbles Is Toothless

12 Grd 2018
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Again I apologize that this was not the video I had planned on making today and Marbles is doing really well, it just felt like the right thing to do to look after him as closely as I could today and yesterday after his surgery. Here are some answers to some questions that I know people will ask in the comments:
Mr. Marbles is a 10 year old senior chihuahua who weighs around 4.3 pounds. It is very common in not only chihuahuas but of many toy dog breeds to have dental issues, this is due to their teeth being very small, crowed in their mouth, and when food particles get stuck in there it can lead to tartar, plaque, gingivitis, periodontal disease, all kinds of complications in their mouths just like humans. It can also vary in severity from dog to dog, some might have many teeth at an advanced age and some start needing dental work at 1 or 2 years old. I tried for many years to take as many preventative steps as possible like cleaning his teeth with a small brush and with wipes, making sure he has things to chew to keep his gums and teeth clean, but it was sort of just inevitable at some point. He has had many operations to remove teeth to keep any dental diseases from progressing and keep his mouth healthy. The reason we needed to see a specialist (and shout out to the woman that did his procedure her name is also Jenna and she was just best ever) is because unlike larger dogs (or people) small dogs' teeth are so little and delicate in the back that in some instances their jaw can actually break during these procedures. So as you can imagine, along with having some pretty awful levels of discomfort (he was doing a lot of sniffling as well because it was bothering his nose) this was kind of an intense procedure for him and the recovery has been pretty different than the other times when he's just had some teeth pulled. I'm very happy though that we were able to get these last teeth out for him before things progressed any further in his mouth that would only lead to more problems for him so my guy is toothless. Thanks for understanding that this has been a little bit of a different week.
I also just out of pure transparency wanted to tell those of you who so kindly and generously donated to my friend Mac Declue's gofundme 4 years ago, he was my roommate when I lived in Boston, a wonderful friend of mine who actually was the one who gave Mr. Marbles his name while we lived together, thank you from the bottom of my heart again for doing that and allowing him to get the absolute best treatment he could and allow his family to be by his side. His battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer, ended this past Sunday and he is finally at rest. It has been a heartbreaking week, I'm sure you can relate as I imagine many of you have lost loved ones to cancer, and it has made taking care of Mr. Marbles, a dog that he named, a whole mix of emotions for me. Mac was so loved and he will be so missed. I apologize that this is not something that would usually warrant an entire video but, it's been a lot. Thank you for your understanding and I'll see you next week.
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  • 😭 My Wendy only has 1 eye 👁 and she’s 12 and had multiple tooth surgeries already so she only has a few left. Her poor gums are so red and look so angry. Aww Wendy I just don’t know what to do 😭

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  • She keeps saying he's a senior dog but chihuahuas can live for 20 years.

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  • He's just gums

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  • Okay I’m new here but is his name Marble or Marbles?

    Brittany S. PierceBrittany S. PiercePrieš mėn
    • his real name is marble, but she has a TON of nicknames for him. so far I've heard marble, muhble, bobby, chicken, and sea biscuit.

      Laura SLaura SPrieš mėn
    • i've heard her say it both ways

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  • There’s so many people that love marbles as much as they would love their own dog. Like there’s so much love among Jenna and Julien’s fans and it’s all for him. And he doesn’t even know🥺 we love you marble

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  • You’re wonderful Jenna, I love the way you are with your dogs.

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  • :,( re-watching all of Jenna's videos... I miss her

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  • Fuck this new cancel culture bullshit

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    • airia nexus mhm sure but do you know WHY she decided the break? Because people found out she made bad jokes within the first few years of her being on the platform where the community was toxic and it was ok to say stuff like that, Jenna is a genuine person and deleted all those “bad” videos

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    • She took a break herself, it was her decision. Don't give cancel culture any credit.

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    • Why don't we cancel the cancel culture? 😂

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  • My cat had exactly the same, he was sooo great toothless! His dental disease was painful for him for many years unfortunately... which breaks me and my heart thinking back...once he was cured... it took almost 2 months of happiness...and he was fighting cancer... the one battle he could not overcome.... he died this year at age 18. I had him since I was 12.... I am 30 now.

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  • I still say the joke “he doesn’t know where he is” on my dog because she’s almost as old as him and can’t listen well so it’s kinda funny when you’re in the woods with a dog just walking around without a care in the world. But I would never make jokes that insinuate something’s wrong because I would also find it saddening.

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  • This happened to my cat a couple years ago. She’s still eating a lot, she’s a little pig, but she’s a lot happier. Marbles probably feels so much better after all that tooth pain.

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  • My friends chihuahua, Bear, is toothless and they call him gummy bear

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  • I had a cat who lived to 21. I had her since she was weaned from her mom. The last few months of her life people kidded me alot about how much time I spent taking care of her. She was in good shape health wise but no appetite. I would try any sort of way to get her to eat something. Finally it was obvious that she had no quality of life anymore (didn't let that go on more than 2 days) and had to let her go. My asshole boss actually said "so you spent all that time and money on a cat who was already dead". Man, I lost it. Shaking with anger, told him that he had never had a relationship with anyone that long except for his parents "who barely talk to you anyway". He literally turned purple at that truth.

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  • Jenna I have a 10 yr old mini Pomeranian and I am facing the same problems with his teeth, I am so scared to get this procedure done for him but I know it's what he needs :( this video makes me feel a lot better about it and just want to thank you and Mr.Marbles for helping me and Teddy have the courage to go get his teeth fixed

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  • chihuahuas can live a very long time actually? 10 years old isn’t old for a dog probably like 14 or 15 is getting up there

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    • true, but I believe chihuahua's are considered senior when they're 10, so it makes sense to consider marbles old even tho he will hopefully live for another 5+ years

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  • My friend's Greyhound lost all his teeth and eventually all Waldo could eat was canned clams. And as dogs get older (like into 9-10 year range), it is harder for them to come out of the anesthesia after any dental procedure. MY Greyhound had her last dental at 9 and was just bat shit crazy in between sleeping and howling constantly after she came home. I had to leave work early to go and pick her up and spend the following day with her at home. Hard when they are ailing! Hope he feels better soon!

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